The Arizona Legislative Action Committee (AZLAC) exists to represent the interests of, and to provide regular communications to, CAI members and chapters located within Arizona, with respect to state legislative, regulatory, and amicus curiae activities of relevance to the creation and operation of community associations.

    • AZLAC delegates are nominated by the chapter and by the AZLAC itself, and volunteer their time and energy to benefit all CAI members.

    • The AZLAC is not a PAC (political action committee) and makes no financial contributions.

    • The LAC depends solely on donations of the community associations and businesses it represents.

    • The Arizona Legislative Action Committee retains Arizona Governmental Affairs, a respected lobbying firm, to lead our efforts with the legislature.

    Each legislative session presents new opportunities and challenges. Working through these issues can be difficult and volatile and takes a tremendous amount of dedication and willingness to work behind the scenes as well as in public forums. The Arizona Legislative Action Committee will, from time to time, ask for the assistance of our membership and the community at large to either support or oppose specific legislation concerning the protection of homeowners.

    We encourage anyone interested in supporting positive, sensible and consistent legislation regarding homeowner and community associations to get involved. Consider what you can contribute whether it is your time, money or ideas and contact your local CAI office and make sure you are a member of the Community Action Campaign.