Common Queries and Questions

    1. How much does it cost if I want to join mid-year?

    Membership in CAI is a 12-month membership no matter when you join during the year. If you join in February, you will renew the membership the following February. Please check out the specific category of membership for membership fees.

    2. Once my application is processed, when will I receive my membership materials?

    ​Membership applications are processed within three to five business days and a welcome kit is sent within one week. The kit will include detailed information about your benefits. ​

    3. Is there an additional charge for each event once I pay the membership fee?

    Yes, much like a Chamber of Commerce, we do charge entry fees at events. We try to minimize entry fees for community managers and community volunteers in order to maximize ability to participate.

    4. How do I update my contact information?

    Contact information updates must be provided in writing. E-mail to update your record with the Southern Arizona CAI.

    5. How do I access the members-only content on CAI's website?

    ​Chapter CAI members receive a password upon membership. For assistance, call the director at 520-870-7759.

    6. Can I get information about my membership online?

    ​You may visit My CAI at our national website ( to view your membership renewal date, obtain a membership card, and review your membership benefits.