Guest Attendance Policy

    The chapter acknowledges that attending monthly meetings and events are benefits available to Southern AZ CAI members in good standing. To preserve this member benefit, this policy limits the number of meetings that non-member guests may attend as follows:

    All non-members of the Southern Arizona Chapter of CAI will be limited to attending no more than one-two events in one calendar year, and must pay the non-member rate. Registration limitations are based on occupation:

    •          Business Partner: 1 per calendar year
    •          Community Manager: 2 per calendar year
    •          Homeowner Leader: 2 per calendar year


    Guest attendance for the monthly program meetings and events will be recorded by the chapter. After reaching the maximum number of meetings allowed, SOAZ CAI will notify the guest that the guest will need to become a member in order to attend any future meetings and events for the calendar year.


    **This new policy is in effect within the Southern Arizona Chapter of CAI as of April 1, 2018.